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AMCmatch.com Helps Match Lenders with the Best AMCs.
AMCmatch.com is an advanced search tool that allows lenders, servicers and other users of valuation products to locate the Appraisal Management Company that best suits their needs.
All directory data including AMC type, location, and licensing is verified by Global DMS so all matches are accurate and AMCmatch.com can provide the best experience possible to our users.
AMCs listed on AMCmatch.com leverage enterprise appraisal management technology to facilitate online ordering, high volume production, automated collateral review, superior customer service and direct integration to the GSEs Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP).
AMCmatch.com makes it easy for users to quickly locate the right AMC without extensive research and verification. The right match allows the AMC to focus on collateral and the lender on closing loans.